Take the guesswork out of distribution management

Take the guesswork out of distribution management

Multi-tier supply chain organizations deploy Distribution Management Systems (DMS) to comprehensively manage the flow of product from factory to consumer. DMS includes coordinating product movement from various touch points along the supply chain in route to the end customer.

Mindtree’s SAP-based DMS solution integrates with Mindtree’s SaaS mobility platform to provide real-time location tracking, stock and field order visibility on Android, iOS and Windows devices. The solution empowers field sales teams with the anywhere, anytime data intelligence they need to recommend retail outlet product quantities. It also helps sales to execute promotions and new product launches, determine shelf availability at the distributor end and order placement flow back, track competitors, and communicate with backend teams.

Mindtree DMS capabilities include:

  • ASAP implementation methodology
  • A private secure cloud setup
  • Extensive data analytics for stock load suggestions based on historical sales
  • End-to-end logistics processing integrated with finance and operational reporting

The Mindtree DMS framework consists of the components in the following infographic.

Mindtree's DMS Framework

Mindtree DMS framework builds a more efficient, cost-effective product distribution network
Mindtree’s SAP-based DMS solution is designed to harmonize the distribution of far-flung business processes through a tighter integration with your backend master data processes.

Significant benefits across the supply chain include:

  • More effective fulfillment process
  • Higher field presence
  • Improved customer delivery turnaround time
  • Effective replenishment planning and execution
  • Greater turnaround driven by better product availability, promotion implementation, store execution and article assortment
  • Faster sales execution
  • Improved field capability (lines per productive calls, billed productivity and effective coverage)

Benefits of a DMS