Take the guesswork out of trade promotions

Take the guesswork out of trade promotions

What are your trade promotion goals? If you are a consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturer or a retail operations, your goals may be to increase market share, revenue and profitability. You may also want to increase overall effectiveness and efficiency. To be successful, promotions must be executed on the shop floor, where it matters, with the help of partners who deliver on your promise.

Since successful promotion campaigns require close alignment across sales, marketing, customer service, finance, partners and external factors, the key is to have an integrated process backed by a robust platform.

mPromo integrates promotion activities to pull maximum value from your campaign spend mPromo™, Mindtree’s Trade Promotion Management (TPM) and Trade Promotion Optimization (TMO) platform, takes out the guesswork out of campaigns and helps you increase brand awareness for you and your retail partners. We have integrated promotion spend planning, optimization, execution and analysis onto one framework using SAP, known for its industry experience and strong analytical capabilities.

Thanks to the built-in advantages of the SAP platform, mPromo offers the following out-of-the-box features:

  • Partner collaboration with top-down and bottoms-up planning
  • Trade promotion modeling on SAP’s data modeling foundation
  • Predictive analytics libraries of ‘R’ and macroeconomic indicators
  • Built-in integration with third-party and syndicated data marts via SAP DiSM
  • Demand signals from social media and digital coupons
  • Process modeling via iRise for enhancing the user experience
  • Award winning mobile (iPad) extension for field execution
  • Advance trade promotion analytics over SAP HANA for near real time promotion evaluation

To view Mindtree’s SAP mPromo platform architecture, click here

mPromo consists of TPM, TPO and Trade Promotion Analytics (TPA) offerings, which include:

  • TPM Implementation & Roll-Out Service
  • TPM Testing Management Service
  • TPM Prototype and Customized Demo Service
  • TPM Enhancement and Customization Service
  • TPO Forecast Accuracy Improvement Service (FAIS)

mPromo TPM equips management and sales teams with the data they need to plan, target and implement effective promotions. It’s aimed at increasing demand for products in retail stores based on special pricing, display fixtures, demonstrations, value-added bonuses and no-obligation gifts. Capabilities include:

  • Intelligent trade funds allocation
  • Central management of all trade activities
  • Prediction and optimization of trade promotion plans
  • Payments and deductions tracking
  • Insights into trade promotional effectiveness
  • Planning and forecasting accuracy
     Mindtree's mPromo mobile application was
     awarded the first place at the SAP TechEd event:
 mPromo mobile
Mobile trade promotion with
dashboard and analytics
Integration to google maps,
planogram and Exchange
Developed usingSUP2.2 for iPad.


mPromo TPA provides vital data to plan trade promotions by using mathematical and statistical models. Available as an on-premise or SaaS offering, it features:

  • Baseline computation
  • Predictive “what-if” scenarios to predict lift and profitability of future promotions
  • Optimization levers to recalibrate calendar and fund allocations
  • Carry forward effect
  • Cannibalization and competitive effects
  • Spend v/s contribution and promotion effectiveness

The infographic on the left is a bird’s eye view of the advantages of TPA.

Trade Promotion Management and Analytics

mPromo TPO employs advanced predictive modeling to formulate optimal price and merchandising scenarios based on goals and objectives. It also estimates access revenue, volume and profitability potential based on promotional period, promotion vehicles, products, price points and other factors using Mindtree’s Forecast Accuracy Improvement Service (FAIS) and the SAP Demand Modeling Foundation engine. mPromo TPO capabilities include:

  • Estimated revenue, volume and profitability assessments
  • Program and promotion options given planned spend and available budgets
  • Constraint-based modeling within pre-established parameters
  • Pre and post volume decomposition for regular and promoted sales
  • User configuration options for process controls and planning processes

Mindtree mPromo on SAP Solution Framework