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Mindtree enables Cloud transformation utilizing the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

Mindtree's investments in delivering best-in-class, Microsoft Azure- solutions, combined with key wins involving such workloads as Digital Marketing on Azure, Azure IOT Suite, Open Source on Azure and Analytics on Azure, validates Microsoft’s choice in naming Mindtree as a "Gold Certified Microsoft Azure partner".

Mindtree has built unique Azure-based P2P offerings for targeted GTMs: SAP QuickDeploy, Murex on Azure, Duck Creek on Azure, InnoApp for AKS quick app modernization, Gladius (smart connected buildings) and Shotclasses (video training platform)

At Mindtree our goal is to help organizations adopt Azure seamlessly, transform and operate efficiently. We have been in this journey for more than a decade when Azure was codenamed as RedDog.

As a globally managed, Gold Certified Microsoft Azure Partner & Microsoft Advanced Support for Partners, Mindtree has access to Microsoft support programs and Microsoft cloud solutions. We collaborate closely with Microsoft to develop next-generation Cloud solutions our clients require in a Cloud-first, mobile-first world.

Our Azure Cloud transformation involves 7 steps that are powered using Azure Native and Mindtree tools that we have developed to compliment Azure capabilities.

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Microsoft Azure Migration Services

• Plan & Define

The initial phase starts with planning and defining the roadmap & strategy for cloud adoption and organization change management. Mindtree recommends establishing Cloud center of excellence and PMO charter to define the clear path & objectives involving the right stakeholders before embarking on the transformation journey. Key outcomes of this phase would be stakeholder mapping, skill gap analysis, TCO analysis based on Minimum Viable Plan (MVP) and org change management plan.

• Discovery & Assessment

The first step in the journey to Cloud is to assess the current infrastructure, applications, databases, and baseline the performance to come up with Cloud fitment analysis and target architecture. Mindtree leverages Azure Migrate and ComPass platforms to perform comprehensive assessment and produce detailed report & recommendations that are tailored to the customer environment. Key outcomes of this phase would be application mapping, Cloud fitment analysis, right sizing, BOM & TCO and migration & modernization road map.

• Design & Foundation Build

Post discovery & assessment, the key phase is to design the target Cloud architecture with high level and low level designs considering all aspects of Landing zone & Platform requirements. Mindtree’s Cloud Bag enables multiple reference architectures, standards based on Azure and best practices to be leveraged for enterprise applications, SAP etc. Mindtree’s MVC platform accelerates the cloud build with automated provisioning and deployments on Cloud, thereby reducing significant time and effort.

• Cloud Migration & Hypercare

Mindtree’s Cloud migration framework and factory model helps migrate the workloads to Azure seamlessly leveraging Azure native and Mindtree platforms with well-defined processes and is metrics-driven.

Microsoft Azure Managed Services

• Azure Managed CloudOps

Mindtree’s comprehensive Cloud management platform helps manage the customer workloads on Azure efficiently. Integrated operational and security governance enables secured and optimized operations.

Our value proposition for Azure modernization & migration

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Leveraging scalable infrastructure for SQL server migration to achieve cost savings for a global healthcare and pharmaceutical company

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Mindtree’s infrastructure solution for a leading multinational consumer goods company

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Recognitions received from Microsoft

Innovative AI Solution (2020)

"Top 5 NSP” (2017)

“Azure Innovation Partner” (2016)

Mindtree Named a Preferred Partner for Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service

Featured Insights

Mindtree People+

Mindtree People+ is built on Microsoft’s Azure IoT platform, and leverages its highly scalable PaaS services. It enables real-time visibility into employee and asset location in-premises; with integration with rosters, schedules, and tool registers, it enables a highly connected, highly informed and responsive workforce.

  • Employee efficiency improvement of 10%+
  • Improved compliance to audits by 20%+
  • Better responsiveness to hazards and other situations
  • Accurate location sensing
  • deep analytics for scenarios such as frequent paths and crowd prediction

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