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Mindtree enables Digital Personalization utilizing the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

Mindtree's investments in delivering best-in-class, Microsoft Azure- solutions, combined with key wins involving such workloads as Digital Marketing on Azure, Azure IOT Suite, Open Source on Azure and Analytics on Azure, validates Microsoft’s choice in naming Mindtree as a "Top Emerging Global Azure Partner".

As a globally managed, Gold Certified Microsoft Azure partner, Mindtree has access to Microsoft support programs and Microsoft cloud solutions Our training content and technical resources available only to its top Azure partners Microsoft Azure Consulting is vital. We collaborate closely with Microsoft to develop the next-generation cloud solutions our clients require in a Cloud-first, Mobile-first world.

Mindtree Named a Preferred Partner for Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service

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Mindtree People+

Mindtree People+ is built on Microsoft’s Azure IoT platform, and leverages its highly scalable PaaS services. It enables real-time visibility into employee and asset location in-premises; with integration with rosters, schedules, and tool registers, it enables a highly connected, highly informed and responsive workforce.

  • Employee efficiency improvement of 10%+
  • Improved compliance to audits by 20%+
  • Better responsiveness to hazards and other situations
  • Accurate location sensing
  • deep analytics for scenarios such as frequent paths and crowd prediction

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