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Improve business performance by presenting a coherent and complete view on business-relevant data from disparate sources, inside and outside your organisation, with SAP's data warehousing solutions.

Consolidate and cleanse data sources

Many organisations have a plethora of disparate data sources meaning consolidated reporting is simply not possible. To experience the benefits of consistent reporting, these data sources need to be consolidated and cleansed, laying the foundation for an analytical platform that can add valuable insight across your organisation.

We can transform your reporting with SAP's data warehousing solutions which consolidate data from multiple sources and turn raw data into insightful information to give you the competitive edge in your marketplace.

Responsive to changing business requirements

A successful data warehouse can grow in scope in accordance with your business needs. Over time, new sources will need to be added and details which were previously irrelevant may become relevant. To remain successful, a data warehouse needs to be able to respond quickly to changing business requirements. Our deep understanding of data acquisition, in real-time and batch, and of modern data modelling principles, for physical and virtual models, ensures a quick time-to-market when changes are required.

  • SAP Business Warehouse
  • SAP Business Warehouse on HANA
  • SAP HANA SQL Data Warehousing

SAP Business Warehouse

SAP Business Warehouse offers a great application for integration, unification and presentation when the time isn't quite right to move your Data Warehousing to the SAP HANA platform.

A stable and reliable platform

Over the years, SAP Business Warehouse (BW) has proven itself as a stable and reliable platform for Enterprise Data Warehousing. The emphasis of SAP BW has always been on reliability and robustness, offering a complete toolset for management of data quality, daily load processes and providing a stable reporting platform.

Guaranteeing the best possible outcome

Our SAP BW knowledge and our professional excellence are at the core of our values, guaranteeing the best possible outcome for your SAP BW project. We house some of the best experts in this space who have delivered many successful implementations with our customers.

SAP Business Warehouse on HANA

Organise fast access to data from many different sources in a uniformed way with SAP Business Warehouse on HANA, the basis to Business Intelligence and SAP's flagship solution for Enterprise Data Warehousing.

A robust and consistent data warehouse

SAP BW on HANA (BWoH) provides a rich framework for building the persistent layer of your Data Warehouse. In addition to this, there are many ways to integrate data from local and external sources using virtual models. The ability to use physical and virtual modelling together enables you to build a robust and consistent data warehouse which is still easy to adapt and extend.

Showing you the art of possible

Technology provides you with real value when it enables your business to run in a different way, going beyond enabling the same reports to run faster. We can show you the 'art of the possible' and challenge your business to think of use-case scenarios previously thought to be unsupported.

Thought leaders in the SAP BW on HANA space

Our reputation as thought leaders in the BWoH technology space enables us to deliver projects in close collaboration with SAP, often using products and versions before they are publicly released. Our involvement with SAP product development enables us to assist you to get the most out of your investment.


Welcome to the most open, integrated and best performing Data Warehousing platform yet. With BW/4HANA, SAP has provided a clear direction for the future. And here at Bluefin, we like what we have seen so far and will continue to explore the possibilities it presents to our customers.

Innovation starts on SAP BW/4HANA

SAP BW/4HANA is a new Data Warehousing platform which is less complex to support and will see a faster adoption of new features compared to its predecessors. It only runs on SAP's in-memory database, SAP HANA, so there is no longer a need to implement code which supports each and every database platform and can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud - AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform. Further simplification was achieved by updating older code to modern standards. From now on, all innovation will start on the BW/4HANA platform.

Market leaders in this space

When SAP looked for an implementation partner to help the pilot implementation of BW/4HANA for a customer Proof of Concept, they contacted us. We have a strong reputation as innovators and problem-solvers, with strong connections to SAP’s product development teams. This early success story not only meant that we satisfied yet another very happy customer, it also cemented our position as market leaders in this new technology space.

By encouraging knowledge sharing between SAP, customers, ourselves and even competitors, we have helped to accelerate the adoption of SAP BW/4HANA. We have established ourselves as thought leaders in this space with published whitepapers and insights discussing how you can successfully embark on your BW/4HANA journey.

SAP HANA SQL Data Warehousing

Use the ‘best of breed’ components for Data Warehousing and build an Enterprise Data Warehouse system tailored to your specific needs with the SAP HANA platform.

The perfect choice

The SAP HANA platform is a very fast database with high data compression ratios, thanks to ‘in-memory’ and ‘column-based’ technologies. It is also so much more than that. It comes with on-board ETL functionality, has Data Quality capabilities, has strong specialists’ functions, such as predictive analytics and special reporting features. There is a rich analytical modelling and highly optimised analytical engine. The combination of these makes it the perfect choice for an SQL Data Warehouse platform. The HANA platform supports a wide range of open standards, making it easy to use third party tools for some of the data warehouse functions.

Identifying strengths

The HANA platform offers a complete toolset for setting up and running an SQL Data Warehouse. We can explain the strengths and weaknesses of each component and, taking your preferences for using certain applications into consideration, advise you on the best mix for an Enterprise Data Warehouse landscape built around the HANA platform.

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