SAP BusinessObjects Profitability & Cost Management


Insight to help you model your business

Gain insight into which of your products, customers and channels are profitable and which are costing you money with SAP BusinessObjects Profitability & Cost Management (PCM). The tool uses an Activity Based Costing (ABC) approach to help you model your business to reflect the impact on profitability of changes in resources and business drivers.

Connecting SAP PCM to your data sources and reporting tools

We can assist you in every step of your SAP PCM journey, whether you are a new customer or have models in need of refreshing. With experience in multiple implementations of all types and sizes, we are ideally placed to connect SAP PCM to your data sources and reporting tools, including integration with the rest of the SAP EPM products, with SAP BusinessObjects or SAP HANA.

We encourage full involvement and collaboration from your teams to increase your their expertise, helping you to avoid key-person dependency and mitigate risk. We understand the importance of your ownership of your model whilst also offering you ongoing support during busy times.

Enabling you to become self-sufficient

If you are developing a new SAP PCM application, we offer functional workshops to help you understand your requirements, advise you on sizing and technical platforms, and enable you to become self-sufficient by training your teams.

Increasing the business benefits

By reviewing an existing SAP PCM system and identifying and removing inefficiencies, we can give you a more responsive solution to increase the business benefits. Additionally, we can increase your operational efficiency by adding automation and making your existing system easier to use.

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