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Having years of experience in Enterprise Performance Management, we understand your needs when it comes to enriching your SAP environment.

Capital Expenditure Cost Management

Effectively manage your multi-billion dollar Capital Expense projects with faster planning and reporting cycles, a clear line of sight across your project and change management abilities. We can show you where the project has come from, where you are today and where it is going tomorrow.

The benefits
  • Efficiency: Faster reporting and efficient planning cycles to free your team to focus on higher value activities. A single data repository for phased forecasting expenditures, accrual capture and performance.
  • Change management: The financial impact of any changes to the project can be easily captured providing your team with greater visibility, and also serving as an audit log.
  • Transparency and compliance: Granular visibility of the costs and progress to date on the project. Compliance is standard for management, corporate and JV partners reporting.
  • Growth: ​Enables you to focus on strategic planning to deliver growth targets.
The extension

This solution supports the cost management processes for capital project and maintenance operations. The scope of the template includes:

  • Capture and phasing of forecast
  • Capture of accruals, planning of manpower
  • Management of change and contract variation
  • Earned value reporting
  • Sophisticated analysis

The solution is based in SAP BPC, and integrating to SAP ECC (FI-CO, PS, MM, PM) and Primavera 6 (for scheduling information).

Pre-requisites: SAP BPC 10.0 or above.

Enhanced audit, activity and process monitoring

Complete process visibility in a user-friendly and flexible format. This extension enhances SAP Business Planning & Consolidation’s (BPC) audit and process monitoring capabilities, allowing you to take advantage of SAP Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) front-end reporting tools to monitor user activity.

The benefits
  • Highlights issues: Full visibility on how the system is being used (usage statistics, peak periods, process compliance etc). This provides a quick, easy and transparent means of identifying where process issues are or if system optimisations are necessary.
  • Reporting: Ability to report on user activity using flexible, user friendly EPM reports / input forms.
  • Simplify: Brings together user activity information from across BPC and exposes it via a single interface which is familiar to both Excel and BPC users.
  • Accessibility: Makes information available which is usually only accessible to those with technical expertise and deep system knowledge.
  • Easy to read: Information provided in a summarised, easily digestible format.
  • Improved performance: Significantly reduced data volumes compared to standard audit functionality leading to improved performance.
  • Visibility: Provides the administrators/process owners with full visibility on where the users are in a process in a simpler and more user friendly way than BPF process monitors.
  • Control: Ability to use the audit information to conditionally make functions available (e.g. cannot click “submit” button until calculations have been run).
  • User competency: Identifies common mistakes/errors in the system and notifies if further training is required.
The extension

The extension consists of a dashboard where the process owners can verify if SAP BPC activities are executed in a timely and compliant manner. For example, an input has been done in the right phase of the planning process, a Data Manager package has been executed successfully with the right selections.

Both manual input and logic execution are tracked in order to provide a complete overview of how the system is being used.

Configure a Dashboard with key KPI’s for your company. This flexible extension makes it possible to define the granularity of the audit data to collect, in addition to the type of tasks to consider.

Pre-requisites: SAP BPC 10.0 or above.

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