QuikDeploy: Accelerating your journey to SAP S/4HANA

Introducing QuikDeploy, our dedicated solution, which allows enterprises to harness the power of SAP Solution Manager at faster speeds.

What is SAP Solution Manager?

Solution Manager is the foundational component for your SAP Landscape. It comprises of many functions such as monitoring, change management and documentation in a monolithic stack which seems an anachronism in a DevOps world. There is a surprising amount of value in having all the data from these functions being housed in a single data model.

SAP are using Solution Manager to deliver an increasing number of services like remote support and analysis for checks and issue resolution. This means that customers are being encouraged to use the application more. As a free product there is always a challenge that customers will not put the correct resources into achieving the best from the application. Solution Manager is no exception as its configuration is often left to the Basis team with limited implementation beyond technical monitoring.

Welcome to QuikDeploy

This is where QuikDeploy comes in, allowing enterprises kick-start both their SAP S/4HANA journey and cloud journey using the Microsoft Azure platform. Serving as the central command console within an organization’s SAP landscape, QuikDeploy simplifies and accelerates the deployment of SAP Solution Manager. The Azure-led solution is built on a flexible run model, reducing the amount of time, effort and cost it takes to manage and operate SAP applications effectively.

Key benefits

Our QuikDeploy solution enables rapid digital transformation with customer-focused improvements, to help clients run as an intelligent and data-driven enterprise. Our strong partnership with Microsoft, our long history with Azure and our expertise with SAP makes us well-poised to help you jump-start their S/4HANA journey.

If you’re looking for a head start with your journey to SAP S/4HANA with Azure then contact one of our experts here.

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