Travel and Expense Management


Control your travel and expenses efficiently and effectively with our implementation of SAP technology.

Is your current system streamlined and user-friendly? Today, over 50% of businesses still use Excel and paper-based expense solutions.

Deeper insights into expenditure

Gain greater control with our implementation of SAP's automated travel and expense management solutions into your existing SAP system. By integrating the solution with multiple tax levels in multiple territories and linking it to your staff database inside SAP, we can enable you to gain deeper insights into your expenditure.

  • SAP Fiori Travel Management Apps
  • SAP Travel Management
  • SAP Concur

SAP Fiori Travel Management Apps

Allow your users to interact through an improved and simplified user interface with SAP Fiori Travel Management Apps.

User-friendly SAP functionality

Delivering SAP functionality in a more user-friendly way has always been a challenge. The concept of SAP Fiori was born from this: a set of design principles and technologies aimed at delivering an enhanced user experience and responsive user interfaces allowing access through browsers as well as mobile devices.

Two SAP Fiori apps have been created to sit on top of your SAP system but allow your users to interact through an improved and simplified user interface (UI).

  • Mobile Travel Expenses for expense submission, and
  • Approve Travel Expenses for management approval.

24/7 access

Our implementations have helped organisations move from manual paper or spreadsheet-based solutions to a more system integrated approach, allowing 24/7 access through desktop or mobile devices. Resulting solutions improved user experience and allowed company and legal policy to be enforced in a more robust and immediate way.

Successfully helping you on your journey

We are well-versed in the Fiori story. From standard SAP apps to those that are custom built, our teams have the expertise to help you on your journey. We work with you to understand your requirements, listen to your pain points and discuss the key factors for success. Not only do we provide technical architecture expertise covering system suitability or patches required to support Fiori, we provide direction and support through the whole project lifecycle. Our development consultants can install and configure the Fiori apps and, if required, apply any enhancements necessary to meet the specified requirements. We offer post go-live support and knowledge transfer to your support team.

SAP Travel Management

SAP Travel Management is an on-premise solution available to all SAP ECC clients.

The way in which you manage your travel and expenses can have a significant impact on your day. Are you drowning in paper receipts, battling Excel macros, or chasing employees to keep to the policy limits or add in the right exchange rate?

Control at every point of expense entry

By implementing a system-based approach to expenses, we have helped organisations achieve easier policy enforcement, improved user experience through SAP GUI or Webdynpro applications, and reduced administrative costs chasing errors by allowing control at every point of expense entry.

Supporting you through the project lifecycle

We work together with you to understand you current solution and listen to your pain points, whilst not being afraid to challenge your thinking and offer options to help you make an informed decision. We offer full implementation services through the whole project lifecycle, from functional SAP Travel Management expertise to technical development such as workflow or enhancements. Our experts help you to determine everything from country variants, expense types and financial postings.

SAP Concur

Efficiently manage your travel and expenses with Concur, SAP's recommended cloud-based capturing solution.

Complete visibility

Manage your spend more efficiently and effectively with SAP Concur, a set of secure, cloud-based tools providing you with one single source of the truth over your travel and expenses. Its effortless functionality accessible from any desktop or mobile compatible browser gives you complete visibility into all travel and expenses so that you can better manage your budgets. We can enable your business to become more connected with Concur technology.

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