A proven approach to design quality testing

A proven approach to design quality testing

Product failures can't always be fully understood or easily explained by simple observation. To delve deeper, you need disciplined application of product analysis and testing.

Mindtree provides chip-to-cloud QA and testing services for leading global product design companies. We offer comprehensive, end-to-end interoperability, integration, access and functional testing across platforms.

Consumer Infotainment and Wearables

Mindtree has deep experience in testing various multimedia products. We provide testing for audio and video products with protocol level validation. Mindtree’s expertise in Bluetooth is industry-acknowledged and we work with various vendors to test Bluetooth-based audio products like headsets and speakers. Similarly, our experience in working with high-end video products and setting up testing labs enables us to test a variety of video products for standards compliance and functionality. We work on several USB-based audio products and help perform pre-certification for Lync/Skype for Business. On the wearables front, Mindtree is experienced in testing heart rate, pedometer, sleep accuracy-based applications for interoperability with Android, Windows and iOS and also verifying accuracy of sensors.

Semiconductor and Short Range Wireless

Mindtree provides extensive testing services for pre-silicon verification. Our expertise is spread across IP verification and SoC verification with a variety of custom accelerators that help with the validation. We also provide FPGA-based prototyping and validation services on both Xilinx and Altera platforms. Our verification services cover integration, data flow, GPIO multiplexing, performance, power awareness, gate-level simulation, and mixed signal simulations. We work with various methodologies like SV UVM/OVM/VMM/eRM/c-based and other proprietary methodologies.

Mindtree is a leader in Bluetooth and our IP has been integrated into multiple chipsets by various vendors. We provide verification services in this area not restricted to architecture consulting, benchmarking, application testing, MMI integration testing, performance testing, system validation, and interoperability.

Enterprise Testing

Mindtree works with leading network equipment vendors in the enterprise segment and provides a whole range of testing services for networking products. Our testing services cover product testing for routers, switches, access points, firewalls, network application testing and interoperability testing with vendor products. We also help perform platform testing for data center server systems and provide consultancy services to set up networking labs.

Automotive Testing

Mindtree is working with leading automotive vendors and provides specialized testing services in this domain. We have been instrumental in conceptualizing and designing various automotive diagnostics products. Our testing services have helped product companies obtain EMI/EMC, immunity and safety certifications. We also provide testing services for board-support packages, devices drivers and applications. We are extensively associated with testing GPS navigation-based products and in-vehicle infotainment systems. Our custom testing accelerators developed in-house help test these products extensively, resulting in high customer satisfaction.

Smart Premises

Mindtree is a firm believer in green trends and is invested in creating experience with testing smart meters. Mindtree provides testing services around DLMS/CoSEM protocol validation and communication hub testing. Mindtree provides testing services to help automate testing of various smart metering based setups including Lab view, Python etc. In most cases, custom testing and consulting services are provided to help with automation.