Integrated Services

Re-imagining end-to-end IT with Mindtree Integrated Services

The digital era is dramatically transforming the pace of doing business. To stay relevant in this ever-shifting business environment, IT leaders need to run core operations in an extremely nimble fashion while focusing continuously on reducing cost and investing more in ‘grow-the-business’ initiatives. However, IT teams are fragmented across the IT Lifecycle of Plan-to-Operate and are not geared to respond swiftly to these dynamic business needs. Moreover, the current way of managing IT continues to consume majority of their time, energy and money, rendering IT to play a support role rather than leading change.

For years, many IT organizations built specialization in key areas – development, testing, support and infrastructure management – with each area developing their own methodologies, ways of working, tools and automation. While this built expertise in these areas, the business lost out on speed, IT costs spiraled out of control, and there was little left for innovation.

To stay ahead of business transformation, it has become imperative for IT leaders to shift their focus toward modernizing and optimizing the traditional ways of managing IT. This will help lower costs, improve efficiency and enable IT teams to create the growth and innovation initiatives to drive business success.

The solution lies in Integrated Services – A new and composable way forward

Mindtree Integrated Services offers the most advanced end-to-end solution for tailoring ‘run-the-business’ IT by combining next-practice methods and tools to tightly integrate infrastructure and applications into a unified foundation that provides up to 30% cost savings as compared to traditional operating model.

Mindtree Integrated Services achieves this by seamlessly tying together different stages of IT lifecycle by using a single-thread delivery approach and an operating model that aligns processes across IT services and the technology landscape.

Re-imagining end-to-end IT with Mindtree Integrated Services