Integrated Services

Integrated Services powered by CAPE

Mindtree Integrated Services is powered by CAPE, an automated platform to support the entire IT lifecycle – Development, Testing, Application Management and Infrastructure. Capabilities of DevOps along with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML) and Test Automation are woven onto this platform.

Unlike other monolithic platforms, CAPE offers configurable options, tailored for specific client needs (leveraging their existing tools and others assets). Embedded with APIs to plug in capabilities via open source, COTS software and Mindtree proprietary capabilities, CAPE integrates the enterprise-wide tool chains, blurring the organizational silos. The client receives a customized solution with converged capabilities of DevOps, Agile and Automation to manage IT in an efficient and predictable way.

What is CAPE?

Composable Automated Platform for Enterprises

A Configurable platform to compose, provision, operate and visualize the entire IT Delivery Lifecycle across Plan-Build-Test-Deploy-Run.


Setup and connect toolchains required for an enterprise through pre-built integrations with industry-leading tools


Engineers workbench to execute allocated work across the IT Delivery Lifecycle


Deploy Integrated tool chains on the chosen infrastructure (On-premise and/or Cloud)


Get real-time visibility of unified metrics from multiple tools

Brings configurable API-based integrations, landscape composition, environment provisioning and real-time visualization of engineering work

Plugs tool capability gaps to set up unified DevOps pipelines for enterprises

Aligns and integrates disparate tool chains, blurring organizational silos

Brings continuous automation across the IT lifecycle of Plan-to-Run through CI/CD, Test Automation, RPA and ML

Provides a single unified view of the IT value chain/KPIs from multiple tools

Delivers a customized solution that leverages existing client tool investments, and is compatible with both open source and licensed toolsets

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