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AWS DevOps Competency

Our customers wanted to deliver frequently with speed and quality. They wanted to shorten time-to-market for new releases. Few of our customers were requesting their delivery automation to be added to their agile delivery methodology. And most of the customers were keen in knowing as to how they can adopt and measure DevOps across Business Units by leveraging AWS as their cloud platform.

To help our clients in addressing the above questions, Mindtree leveraged AWS DevOps with below considerations:

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Mindtree is an Advanced Consulting Partner (in Amazon Partner Network (APN)) for Amazon Web Services (AWS), the biggest cloud player, topping the cloud provider list since 2013.

Mindtree is also AWS Big Data Competency Partner. Mindtree has successfully achieved AWS Competency status through AWS Technical Validation 2017.

Following are a few instances where we helped our clients implement DevOps and automation in AWS:

  • Migration to DevOps for a leading provider of in-flight broadband Internet and other connectivity services:

The client wanted to build a DevOps model of working collapsing teams across dev, Test and Infrastructure for which Mindtree gave a Hybrid Solution and decided AWS as the cloud platform of choice and VMWare on premise.Docker was decided as the packaging platform of choice, and Code Deploy for AWS specific deployment with a

mix of ECS and EC2 deployment. Achieved Approx. 15% of effort and cost savings on environment setups.

  • Advisory on leveraging Cloud for improved cost savings and agility in Deploying Custom Insurance Application in AWS for a Multinational Insurance Provider company

Customer was exploring an Insurance Commercial Line Application’s Custom Solution to be hosted on AWS where the entire infrastructure and application was to be built from scratch and exploit AWS DevOps tools as well, to provide a Continuous Integration and Delivery model. Mindtree proposed an architecture which involved Container Orchestration with ECS, web user sign-up and sign-in capabilities by Integrating AWS Cognito and AWS Microsoft AD, web threat mitigation using WAF, CI/CD Pipeline with CodeCommit, CodeBuild and CodePipeline. The Single-click automation for entire AWS infrastructure and DevOps setup was achieved with AWS Lambda.

Mindtree’s AWS DevOps practice offers AWS Managed services for DevOps tooling which enables to improve organization’s ability to deliver applications, services and data analytics at faster pace and higher velocity.

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When the developer pushes code changes to AWS CodeCommit, it triggers a pipeline. AWS CodeBuild is used to build the application image in ECR repository with modified Task Definition. ECS tracks the task definition changes and deploys application in Docker containers hosted in ECS instances.

AWS devops ECR ECS

I Got Garbage (IGG) AWS Cloud Case


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Mindtree has its CAPE an automated meta-platform, that supports the entire IT lifecycle and offers modular solutions tailored for our client needs, leveraging their existing tools and other assets. Know more

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