Mindtree advantages

Mindtree advantages

Strategic partnership with Murex:

  • Reference environments and access to Murex Training and Exchange of Knowledge (MTEK)
  • Deep understanding of the Murex trading platform through our work for Murex
  • Support from Murex to set up near-shore or off-shore delivery centers to scale capacities and further reduce TCO.

Flexible costing model

Achieve up to 40% reduction in operating cost by leveraging our flexible costing model and deep experience in delivering successful Murex upgrades and offshoring services

Murex accelerators and frameworks

  • Murex upgrade framework
  • Deal import tool for Murex
  • Log monitoring tool
  • Sales distribution web portal for Murex to shorten implementation time frames, decrease risks and digitally enable the platform

Mindtree Kalinga – Training and development center for Murex

Our training and development center situated at Kalinga, India, fosters continuous learning. Crafted classroom courses enable our professionals to hone their expertise on the Murex platform and exposes them to live examples and case studies.