Sales Distribution Web Portal for Murex

Sales Distribution Web Portal for Murex

Enhances Murex with a digital front end sales enablement solution layered on top of the Murex front end.

Our web-based trade booking application allows sales and relationship managers to book trades for various asset classes. Users can access the application from their tablet browsers and book deals, or access information from desktop trading applications. The front end web portal has been specially built for trading platforms to enable treasury and market sales and broadens their offerings to a wider spectrum of customer segments. The solution helps clients achieve more stickiness to their customers. In addition, it offers a product development technology station (PDTS) through different channels to result in faster turnaround times.

Benefits delivered by Mindtree’s sales and distribution web portal:

  • The user-friendly trading platform reduces time taken for booking trades by nearly 30%
  • Eliminates the need to train users on the Murex platform
  • Increases the volume of trade booking by supporting more users
  • Helps engage users from various geographies by providing multi-language support
  • It is a configurable platform and supports multiple products

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