Upgrade and Migration services

Upgrade and Migration services

To undertake successful Murex upgrades, IT teams and systems integrators need to:

  • Understand variations in scale and complexity
  • Use impact analysis to make corrections early in the upgrade process.
  • Provide expert project management to keep upgrades from running overtime or over budget
  • Adapt and repeat test pack experience throughout the testing cycle to avoid a slow upgrade process.
  • Use automated solutions when applicable to reduce infrastructure management cost and effort

As a preferred Murex alliance partner, Mindtree can help you successfully achieve Murex upgrades that are risk-free, on time and on budget. Our Murex specialists:

  • Combine resource expertise and technology tools to ensure a smooth and successful upgrade
  • Collaborate with business and IT leaders to customize the Murex upgrade
  • Ensure exceptional quality and performance with end-to-end testing services
  • Have extensive experience with earlier Murex versions, with transitions from non-Murex platforms to Murex, and with upgrades to Murex 3.1.

Avoid inconveniences such as service delays and unscheduled downtimes by making use of our everyday support for Murex. Our Murex upgrade and offshore services include:

  • Full-suite implementation—from front to back office, multiple application interfaces, modules and supported asset classes
  • Zero or minimal downtime, and a high degree of responsiveness as Murex supports numerous critical functions
  • Maintenance for multiple instances of a Murex installation
  • Guidance to development teams through the many production system changes that occur throughout the year, and timely initiation of change processes
  • Support for global users across zones

Our experience, tools and accelerators can help you lower support cost by as much as 30%.