Every company seems to be sprinting toward digital transformation to grow its business. Yet digital strategies alone can only get you so far if your processes and systems are not yet streamlined, cost-effective and primed to support grow-the-business initiatives. Where can you find funding to invest in this journey? And how can you become digital when the majority of IT dollars are poured into traditional run-the-business systems that are inefficient and expensive to maintain? There is only one way forward. You need to optimize the run-the-business side of IT to gain cost savings and efficiencies that will allow you to self-fund growth initiatives and innovation. And you must become more agile to keep pace with rapid changes in the digital world. To achieve these goals, you need an experienced IT services provider with credentials in all aspects of IT Operations that will guide your transformational journey. By understanding the areas that will accelerate your journey, and with it your profitability, you can create an IT Operations initiative to save money on running your business, which frees you up growth.

With Client-focused Culture, Mindtree Prepares For ‘Beyond Digital’

A research created by ISG Insights™ talks about how Mindtree continues its growth trajectory to become a digital transformation leader with a consulting, technology and automation-led approach and a strong customer-centric culture.

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