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Modernize and maintain business-critical applications

Most mainframe applications were developed more than 20 years ago. In today’s real-time business environment, that can make them complicated and expensive to maintain. And these problems are compounded by a lack of up-to-date documentation and the attrition of knowledgeable engineers.

Mindtree application development services help you replace legacy applications and maintain your business-critical mainframe applications. We’re experienced in handling all aspects of mainframe application development, including costs, change requests, and support for niche technologies and packaged solutions.

Our comprehensive services address factors that degrade application structure, code quality and efficiency so you can improve application quality. Our services also work to clean up your dead components and unusable code and optimize your application inventory.

Tech Beacon - The Technology Harbinger 2019

Technology is core to Mindtree. Tech Beacon is our annual initiative to compile outcomes of our experimentation and provide technology adoption guidance for enterprises.

Transformation in Action

Making flight travel safe and timely through a next-gen weight & balance system implementation

A global specialist in air transport communications increased agent productivity by 2X and reduced fuel bills by 2% with optimal load distribution

  • Implemented state-of-the-art new generation load planning product using SOA running on open systems platform
  • Product features GUI functionality for load control and flight dispatch functions, with enhanced navigation features to improve usability, reduce staff training time and provide greater flexibility to load control agents
  • Product developed using highest quality standards at 0.46 defects / FP (50% lower defect rate than the industry avg.)

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