Mainframe & Midrange Services

Run, Rationalize and Modernize Your Mainframe and Midrange Applications

At Mindtree, we run, rationalize, and modernize the mainframe and midrange applications for enterprise clients. We employ an exploratory approach in testing and learning about a client’s mainframe and midrange environment to ensure highly optimized and efficient systems. By employing our Mainframe and Midrange Center of Excellence, we consistently reduce total cost of ownership, reduce support concerns, and provide an agile and maintainable system that can respond quickly to market demands, customer expectations and regulatory mandates.

Run the Business

Cost efficient and scalable service for Application Development, Maintenance and Support with committed improvement.

  • Application Development & Maintenance (ADM)
  • Application Support
  • Application Optimization
  • Optimization and Automation for Productivity improvement


Consolidate, Optimize and Standardize technology/products to bring technology simplification, cost reduction and then to overcome technology obsolescence / skill availability issue.

  • Application Consolidation
  • Technology Upgrade
  • Technology Migration


Range of Application modernization services help customer go beyond ‘business as usual’ and stay ahead of the competition.

  • UI Modernization
  • Application Integration
  • Data Integration
  • Re-platforming / Re-hosting
  • Re-engineering
  • Batch Modernization
  • Application Componentization and Service Oriented Integration
  • Service Externalization
  • Micro Services Creation
  • Business Rules Extraction and Externalization

All these services are enabled by established framework and methodology with the help of MMS CoE having primary responsibilities in -

  • Consulting
  • Technical Solution and Architecting
  • Portfolio Assessment and Roadmap
  • Productivity Enhancers
  • Solution Accelerators

Our customers get benefits of running the application in predictable cost with agreed SLA. While running the application, customers will get advantage of optimizing the applications and then modernizing them with the cost saved by optimizing the application cost. This is enabled by


At Mindtree, we have a dedicated Mainframe & Midrange Center of Excellence (CoE) focusing on technology research, training, innovation and development of productivity and solution accelerators for complete application life cycle. We provide training and competency building, architectural and design reviews, and project execution strategy. Mindtree also deploys a continuous improvement, agile methodology that ensures rapid but accurate development. We have our own in-house mainframe & iSeries platform to support various CoE initiatives. Our core platform expertise include IBM zSeries, iSeries, zLinux and Micro Focus COBOL products on Linux and Windows.

Our run, rationalize and modernize services address diverse challenges in maintaining and modernizing legacy applications. The services provide the benefits of offshore maintenance through our established and successful tool-based Knowledge Acquisition/Transition methodologies and then extend them to rationalize and modernize with no business disruption.

Our integrated service to run, rationalize and modernize the applications is done in predictable way with measurable parameters.

Expertise Led

  • Close association with IBM & Industry Experts
  • Consulting-led service offering
  • Focused service in Mainframe & Midrange platform
  • Customer satisfaction consistently above 90%

Dedicated Innovation Lab

  • Dedicated Mainframe & iSeries server for PoCs, Evaluations
  • Solution accelerators to help productivity
  • Robust training and capability building programs for quick ramp up.

Proof Points

  • “Global support for a mission-critical Card Issuance Platform across 8 time zones and 30 countries to provide 100% availability of systems, 56% reduction of ticket volume with a saving of 1 Million + USD, ”
  • “Modernization of mainframe based flight planning system resulting into 5 Mil USD Saving over a period of 3 years with 20% improvement in response time”
  • “Global Application Maintenance & Support of business critical bespoke ERP application for a leading Manufacturer of Vitamins and Nutritional supplements in US region, offering ~20% TCO reduction in the first year and 30% reduction in the ticket volume“
  • “Migration of a Legacy Superannuation platform from AS/400 to Sharepoint for 4M+ users resulting in 2M+ cost savings for a leading Australia based Retirement Fund Administrator”

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