Mindtree's Automation Centers of Excellence

Mindtree has established automation Centers of Excellence (CoE) that support various areas like robotic process automation, machine learning, conversational bots and IoT. Several automation accelerators and platforms have also been built in these CoEs.

Cognitive computing CoE

  • Apply cutting-edge developments in cognitive computing to solve challenging client problems
  • Drive pilots and co-innovation with customers
  • Design and implement custom deep learning models trained on customer-specific data
  • Ability to integrate with third party cognitive services (Google, Microsoft etc.) for rapid prototyping and development where applicable
  • Flexible engagement model and easy integration with existing systems


The robotic process automation CoE has expertise in using tools like Automation Anywhere, UIPath and BluePrism. It supports automation of business and IT processes for:

  • Standard operating procedure-based processes
  • Run book-based processes
  • Rule-based processes
  • Stable processes
  • Repetitive tasks using Mindtree's RAPID framework

Conversational Bots CoE

Our chabots CoE supports implementation of chabots for several clients and internal processes with the following benefits:

  • Customer experience transformation through conversational apps
  • Chatbots in B2C, B2E and B2B space providing interactive and personalized experience to users
  • Simplified user interface powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and audio and video processing capabilities to actively learn from previous interactions and replicate life-like conversations.
  • Shift from conventional modes of engagement to smart and conversational one has enabled automation of enterprise service desk tasks.


CAPE is an automated meta-platform that supports the entire IT lifecycle and offers modular solutions tailored to meet client needs, leveraging their existing tools and other assets. CAPE has helped:

  • Bring continuous automation across IT lifecycle
  • Get a unified view of IT value chain/ KPI from multiple tools
  • Align and integrate disparate tool chains, blurring organization silos
  • Setup unified DevOps pipeline for enterprises
  • Build configurable API-based integrations, landscape composition, environment provisioning and real-time visualization of engineering work

Code Automation CoE:

Code automation COE provides frameworks and tools for auto generation of boilerplate, CRUD and repeatable code, given the DB schema and reference implementation:

  • Leverage CodeMill platform features to transform large applications from legacy technologies to cutting-edge technologies
  • Co-work with client to redefine the architecture, design and implementation
  • Build highly customizable solutions

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