Mindtree's Home-grown Automation IPs/Platforms


ALEN is Mindtree’s solution accelerator platform to build, train, test, verify and deploy Machine Learning (ML) models on your data, rapidly and easily

  • It is an interactive platform that enables people even with minimal ML knowledge to ingest and easily pre-process unstructured data, choose and build, evaluate multiple ML or Deep Learning models in iterations till the desired solution is achieved
  • The model can be deployed to be publish as web services to be consumed by any other application easily
  • ALEN is designed for language and unstructured text tasks with capabilities offering text classification, semantic text matching, sentiment analysis.


MindFlow is a comprehensive platform offering from Mindtree to build conversational applications. It helps to build, customize and orchestrate conversational applications at scale.

MindFlow brings unique multi-tenant solution capabilities for hosting apps on public or private cloud, on-premise or hybrid environments. MindFlow enables easy adoption and supports multiple cognitive services. It's reusable domain models and configurable conversational modeling accelerate go-to market along with built-in connectors that help integrate with enterprise business applications in a more secure and scalable manner.


Mindtree CAPE is an automated meta-platform, incorporating tools and frameworks to support the entire IT ecosystem – Development, Testing, Application Management, Infrastructure and Packages. Modern capabilities of DevOps, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), ML and Test Automation are woven onto this platform.

Unlike other monolithic platforms, the platform offers bespoke modular solutions tailored to suit client needs, leveraging their existing tools and assets. Embedded with APIs for plug-in capabilities, Mindtree CAPE integrates enterprise-wide tool-chains blurring the organizational silos. Clients, in turn, receive customized solutions with converged capabilities of DevOps, Agile and Automation to manage IT in an efficient and predictable way.

Mindtree CAPE helps organizations accelerate and scale automation of the IT life cycle and also deliver in the product IT operating model.

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RAPID (Record, Analyze, Pilot, Implement, Deploy) provides a POC-driven approach to scale up to enterprise-grade implementations. It starts with walk through of the processes and analysis to identify automation possibilities. This is followed by proof of concepts. After the successful trial, the feedback is incorporated for the actual implementation and deployment. This iterative development process results in faster time to market and an early return on investment.


Mindtree's Dynamic Test Engineering Platform (DTEP) is a continuous test delivery platform, which bundles SaaS and services adoption – TestOps. It is the driving engine of MindTest, Mindtree’s test factory, supported by standardized processes and methodology.

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  • Radical approach for code automation
  • Language and platform independent
  • Highly customizable tool as well as framework
  • Automates code generation using DB model and reference implementation

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