Mindtree's Specialized Automation Methodologies

Mindtree has dedicated automation consultants and engineers who engage with delivery teams and with client teams to identify areas for automation, come up with solution designs and take them through the complete automation lifecycle, for both Transformative and Explorative automations.

Methodology for transformative automation assessment and implementation:

AutoM Transformative automation Infographic

This methodology addresses both, the strategy and execution aspects. It includes setting up of an Automation Advisory Council, as the transformational areas could involve significant process changes. Also, key stakeholders such as business processes, IT operations and IT towers would need to be involved in decision-making. It is also essential to manage the organization change management initiatives as a result of transformative automation. Additionally, the assessment will cover the areas across business processes, application lifecycles, infrastructure and operations in order to determine the methods of automation that would fit best.

The execution aspects will involve engaging with business and IT teams to specifically identify areas of automation and prioritize them, focusing on business processes that would be impacted by automation. The design and implementation of the solution will be followed by this assessment and planning exercise, with the solution teams and automation engineers working closely with project teams.

Methodology for explorative automation assessment:

Explorative Automation Assessment

The service delivery landscape will be explored to identify areas of automation by means of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) exercises and conducting ideation workshops. For the identified potential candidates of automation, the base-line metrics are assessed, followed by the evaluation of 'Automation Quotient' for the identified areas. This essentially helps prioritize the candidate use cases by means of assessing the ease of automation (or complexity) Vs. outcome. Once the prioritization is done, solution design and implementation is carried out and the assessed improvement is evaluated against the actual metrics in order to analyze the benefits. This will aid and improve the future assessments.

Automation works best in conjunction with project lifecycle management, when implemented by teams involved in a project's day-to-day work. Automation happens well over time, when approached systematically. Our strengths:

  • In-depth knowledge in process areas
  • Centers of Excellence teams' technical knowledge
  • Enterprise-level automation platforms and well-defined automation strategies
  • Best-fit solutions that yield maximum RoI

Apart from automation consultants, Mindtree has also built a strong automation technical team of over 1300 engineers covering all flavors of modern business/IT automation areas, helping customers build automation solutions involving tools and technologies around:

  • RPA (Automation anywhere, UIPath and BluePrism)
  • Conversational bots (Microsoft Luis, Google Dialogflow etc)
  • Machine learning
  • Cognitive computing
  • Test automation
  • Data analytics
  • Scripting (Powershell, shell scripting, Perl, Python etc.)
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