Mindtree's Structured Automation Approach

Automation Maturity Model: Mindtree’s automation maturity model classifies organizations into five levels. Each level has a characteristic set of objectives, participants, methods, and productivity gains. We help assess organization’s automation maturity level, identify gaps and enable growth. We help customer organizations to carry out the initial automation level assessment and help them climb up the ladder.

Automation maturity level assessment

Automation Quotient and ROI analysis: Mindtree’s automation methodologies help organizations explore potential automation use cases. Post identification, we help derive Automation Quotient, a matrix of complexity vs. benefits to prioritize the use cases with higher returns on investment.

Automation Quotient and ROI analysis

A detailed assessment is carried out to identify maximum opportunities for automation and to pick the right candidates so that the automation outcomes are maximized. Mindtree uses its automation assessment methodologies in order to identify, design and implement the right automation solution for the service delivery.

Mindtree's automation assessment methodology

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