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Forward-thinking organizations are adopting a “Cloud first” model, leveraging the Cloud to rapidly innovate and instantly deliver new and enhanced features and services to customers. However, starting out Cloud-first and transitioning to embrace a Cloud-first approach are two very different journeys. How companies address the unique challenges in Cloud operations (CloudOps) and management can make the difference between pulling ahead of competition or falling behind.

Some questions organizations typically grapple with are:

“We definitely believe cloud is the way forward, but where do we start? Are we too late? Should we take the plunge?”

“What about the legacy applications? Will the hybrid environment be sustainable?”

“We want to move to cloud, but we are worried about data loss and security”.

Regardless of where you are in your Cloud journey, Mindtree enables your transformation in tune with your long-term vision. We believe in laying a firm foundation first, and hence initiate the Cloud journey through our Cloud advisory services. We first define an optimum Cloud strategy. This is followed by migration/implementation through our factory model. Once the migration is complete, we provide Cloud Infrastructure management and operational support. Our solution not only focuses on achieving the right balance for adopting Cloud (CloudOps), we also ensure continuous adoption through automation and optimization of Cloud Managed services, platforms and underlying infrastructure.

Mindtree’s Infrastructure and Application services enables high availability and continuous optimization using a hybrid Cloud across the business application ecosystem. Additionally, MWatch (Mindtree’s real-time monitoring platform), enables a single and automated view of Cloud applications and Cloud infrastructure layer. It also helps assess Cloud performance and utilization to deliver greater value and insights. MWatch also enables control of security and access systems including managing backup and disaster recovery processes.

Mindtree Cloud Managed Services include:

  • Cloud sustenance and operations
  • CloudOps and DevOps

Success story

Mindtree builds world’s largest public PaaS Cloud for a multinational provider

One of the world’s largest multinational PaaS providers needed a technology partner to rapidly build out and manage its services. Mindtree expanded the reach of the company’s PaaS offerings and managed its service performance, Quality of Service (QoS), SLAs including monitoring the environment. This encompassed auditing, logging and scheduling activities. Mindtree reduced the build out from 60 days to two days, supporting 6000 releases per month while delivering a 24% reduction in operational spend.

Transformation in Action

99.95% service availability for one of the world's largest Public Cloud service provider, while providing 32% TCO reduction

  • Operational oversight for 30% of all software releases on the public cloud
  • Training curriculum to certify teams in areas of expertise related to the solution
  • Engineered service accelerators to automate operational activities and reduce cycle time
  • Critical support as the public cloud progressed through its lifecycle
  • Single-view monitoring capabilities and automated deployment tool to streamline processes
  • Applications can be deployed seamlessly across 40 different global cloud data centers
  • Leveraging public cloud-enabled partners to build, launch, and operate the Public Cloud for new geographies and new customers (such as a Sovereign Cloud)

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