MWatch: IT Infrastructure Management Platform

Gain insights and perspective across your ecosystem

Without visibility across your entire IT infrastructure, you have no way to see and understand the combination of factors that create inefficient processes and escalate costs-and no way to identify opportunities for greater productivity and performance.

MWatch™, Mindtree's integrated IT infrastructure management and service platform, gives you a consolidated end-to-end view of your infrastructure and applications. With its "big picture" integrated dashboard, you can monitor network infrastructure, servers, applications and other components to optimize IT performance and reduce costs.

Proven automation tools standardize operations, eliminate time-consuming manual processes and improve accuracy and precision.

CIOs rely on MWatch for analytical insights into their IT spend, and appreciate its compatibility with third-party tools.

Jeff Pisano - Vice President of Global Operations, The Carlyle Group

Jeff Pisano talks about the five year-long partnership between The Carlyle Group and Mindtree. He explains how Mindtree's flexibility and attitude of working with clients to solve problems has helped TCG streamline their systems and better manage their vendors.

MWatch: An integrated IT infrastructure management and secured service delivery platform

MWatch provides a consolidated view of your applications and infrastructure by integrating the service desk with monitoring tools. It enables IT performance, streamlining of work flows and elimination of unnecessary expenditures.

Watch video to learn more about how MWatch can help improve your enterprise's IT performance and reduce costs.

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