Service Integration & Management (SIAM)

Enable Service Integration and Management across multiple vendors with the ease of single sourcing

Today’s businesses demand increased agility and responsiveness for accelerated success. Quick response to failures and proactive management of IT Infrastructure has become more important than ever before. To this end, Enterprises are leveraging cloud services, multiple suppliers and support providers to help their business flourish.

However, silos continue to exist as a result of inconsistent services and ineffective IT. What enterprises need today, is service integration and management. The right solution would help automate processes as well as define clear baselines. Once an effective solution is in place, higher quality and cost effective IT service would follow, resulting in transformed IT and enhanced user experience.

Mindtree’s Service Integration and Management Framework

At Mindtree, our Service Integration and Management (SIAM) offering helps organizations gain the full benefits of digital IT and multi-vendor solutions coupled with robust IT governance.

Our solution framework combines the benefits of best-of-breed multi-sourcing services with the simplicity of single sourcing. By effective utilization of ITIL processes along with specific standardized business process, it provides:

  • Seamless integration
  • Supplier co-ordination and collaboration
  • Robust governance
  • Effective management

The SIAM framework forms the basis of streamlining multiple work streams providing IT services. It minimizes the inherent risks by masking supply chain complexities from the consumers of the services. It achieves efficiencies by commoditizing and buying scale thus meeting user demands for better, quicker and cheaper services. Needless to say, SIAM is the result of years of experience in consulting and building integration and IT service delivery capabilities in an automated environment.


The 2019 ISG Provider Lens™ Report 2019 on SIAM/ITSM Recognizes Mindtree as a Rising Star in Service Operation and Delivery (USA)

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