Unified Methodology


Multi-vendor IT environments open the door to a variety of IT issues. Different levels of process maturity and the lack of proper process alignment between different phases of the IT lifecycle hinder the speed of delivery and time-to-market. In most cases, each phase of the IT lifecycle has a unique set of defined processes that are different from other lifecycle phases. In addition, there is often a lack of clarity in ownership and manual monitoring of processes adversely affecting the quality of deliverables.

With end-to-end integrated IT services, you can deploy a new Integrated Target Operating Model (ITOM) that aligns practices, processes, tools, business and IT Key Performance Indicators(KPIs). The new operating model offers a range of benefits:

  • Provides external focus, including closer engagement with business and product owners
  • Empowers leadership of scrum teams instead of traditional IT towers
  • Enables automated governance instead of manual change approval for every change at every stage
  • Allows ownership of end-to-end service KPIs such as cycle time, quality, etc., instead of operational KPIs
  • Drives greater collaboration, fails fast (shorter feedback loops) and smaller change sizes
  • Supports LEAN practices from day one, including value stream mapping, waste identification, inefficiencies, manual handoffs and wait times

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