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Accelerate cloud adoption with extreme reliability and reduced TCO

The challenging path to DevOps

Technology companies have to manage tough goals such as faster time to market to accelerate cloud-based revenues along with extreme reliability.

DevOps can help but it comes with its own set of challenges including:

  • Handling Development and Operations teams with diverse skills and mindsets
  • Multiple tools that adversely impact reliability and stability of the environment
  • Absence of integrated functioning that impacts time to market
  • Inability to present a unified view rendering holistic monitoring impossible
  • Lack of an integrated tool platform makes migrating to new architectures such as cloud difficult

These challenges hamper release velocity, reliability and consequently business growth and clearly establish a critical need to integrate efforts across the entire product lifecycle.

Mindtree Solution

Our comprehensive Reliability Engineering and Management (REM) Solution eliminates issues created by disparate toolchains. This is achieved by building a REM platform that integrates the development and operations environments, thereby presenting a unified front.

By strategically integrating two proprietary platforms, CAPE and MWatch, REM offers the following advantages to technology companies looking to move to newer methodologies:

  • Holistic ownership of the DevOps environment
  • Business assurance through Dev/Test environment provisioning and monitoring and comprehensive and automated Agile testing
  • Production readiness and release management
  • Comprehensive monitoring of applications, transactions, and infrastructure, with self-healing and AI-based optimization
  • Continuous automation across the lifecycle through CI/CD, test automation, robotic process automation (RPA) and machine learning (ML)

Why Mindtree?

  • Delivers a composable solution that leverages existing client tool investments
  • Seamlessly offers a real-time unified view eliminating disparate toolchains
  • Enables accelerated transition to modern cloud native architecture
  • Allows real-time visibility of the pipeline with unified KPIs across multiple tools

REM delivers transformational business benefits:


Up to 25%* reduction in cycle time, up to 30%* reduction in time to resolution


Up to 30%* reduction in customer found defects, 99.99%* availability of dev/test and production environments


Up to 30% lower TCO

In addition, REM increases bandwidth for management and engineering teams allowing them to focus on product excellence.

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Reliability Engineering & Management

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