Custom Testing Tools

Automation Testing Tools Support to optimize software tools and environment

Testing software tools and environments thoroughly, is essential to producing quality products and services. This can be achieved with the help of automation testing tools.

Mindtree has experience in developing cutting edge tool and environment solutions for enterprises in all major industries. We can do the same for you.

Testing Tool Evaluation and Setup

Mindtree experts quickly adapt to your organization's choice of tools and recommend the solutions best suited to your environment. Based on years of experience, we've developed extensive knowledge of the capabilities of all open source automation testing tools.

Dedicated Virtual Labs – On-demand Testing

Mindtree has a dedicated Mobile Testing Lab for testing multiple networks across various geographies. Our services include, on-demand availability and full-fledged setup.

Testing Tools and Testing Frameworks

Mindtree's proprietary, ready-to-deploy testing tools and testing frameworks accelerate testing, reduce overhead costs and speed up time- to-market.

Testing Framework Design and Customization

We develop customized "plug and play" frameworks for unique business requirements. Our framework covers controller, object repository, test data, execution engine, reporting, error logging and recovery functions.

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