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Achieve superior decision-making capabilities backed by end-to-end data testing services across traditional and emerging data technologies

Evolution in technology and increased business competitiveness have mandated organizations to focus on data for effective business outcomes. Organizations are looking at data from multiple sources and channels that could potentially help them better understand their customers’ business needs, in turn helping them make effective decisions to sustain and grow among their competitors.

A major challenge is that customer preferences keep on changing, sometimes faster than one can imagine. Additionally, adopting a service model and being competitive in a constantly changing market is one of the major challenges of the modern industry. Another major challenge is bringing the entire business data and information into a centralized store, which needs significant IT investment and maintenance cost.

Mindtree’s Data Testing Service offerings include - ETL testing for complex DW systems, Big Data testing for the implementation & transformation of Hadoop ecosystems, BI reports testing, advanced analytics testing and enterprise test data management.

The significance of data in the current IT world is indispensable, and Big Data technology initiatives are able to integrate huge volumes of data, store and process in a single centralized platform and allow analysis of the data, thus helping gain meaningful insights that can help in making strategic decisions. Testing such implementations requires highly skilled experts who have a lot of experience.

Test Data Management is one of the major requirements in current data transformation implementations, where production data availability is a big challenge due to sensitive data security. In the absence of production data, test data management helps in creating the requisite data needed by the testing team with sensitive information being obfuscated.

We offer end-to-end data testing services across traditional and emerging data technologies to help our clients achieve better decision making. A few highlights of our data testing services are:

  • A dedicated team at the Test Center of Excellence 12+ years of experience
  • Specialized workforce for Data and Big Data having exceptional experiences in driving ETL/ DW testing, data migrations, Big Data platforms, advanced analytics, data unification, enterprise data warehouse, business intelligence & test data management solution implementations
  • Defined standard test methodologies, test strategies, customizable automation frameworks, testing artifacts, test accelerators & reusable test assets, and delivery models to ensure the best delivery and quality processes
  • Ready-to-use frameworks & accelerators for automated data validations & test data management
  • Approximately, 40% reduction in overall testing cycle time through automation and effective testing methods

Data Testing

Some of Mindtree’s framework and jump-start kit are listed below:

  • Reusable Assets:
    • Libraries of reusable test cases across domains and applications
    • Test strategy for all offerings under Data testing like ETL, BI, Migration, Advanced Data Visualization, Big Data and Database
  • Automated Data Generator:
    • Test data is generated for various scenarios of data quality check, boundary value check, and negative scenario check
    • Capability to generate Test Data with required referential integrity
  • Automated Data Comparator:
    • The capability of comparing and validating huge datasets in millions at a rapid speed
    • Compatible with Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Netezza, Cassandra, Couchbase, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, HIVE, Flat files, text files, Jason, and XML
    • Compatible with Windows, Unix or Linux systems.
  • Query Generator:
    • Instant query generation across multiple databases, thereby reducing the maintenance for the queries created

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