Package Application Testing

Enhance application performance with shorter testing cycles, automation and effective testing processes

An organization’s business relies on the implementation and usage of package applications, owing to the fact that they are not limited to any particular line of business, but are used to operate an entire enterprise.

Packaged applications are generally classified as:

  • ERP Applications like SAP Core, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics and emerging technologies like S/4HANA, C4/HANA and SuccessFactors.
  • Cloud-based applications like Salesforce, ServiceNow, SuccessFactors, C4C, etc.

Currently, enterprise businesses require large-scale customization of packaged applications to fit their business needs, which in turn results in extensive testing efforts to maintain the quality.

Typical challenges faced during the implementation of packaged applications are heterogeneous networks, change in business needs, software upgrades and multi-country rollouts. These result in issues pertaining to performance, integration, security, and business-critical functionalities.

Mindtree’s Package Application Testing services span across various ERP and CRM packages including SAP Core, S/4HANA, C/4HANA, SuccessFactors, Oracle, Siebel, Salesforce, and MS Dynamics. We offer end-to-end testing services across various types of ERP ad CRM package programs like:

  • ERP & CRM Implementation Testing
  • ERP & CRM Roll Outs and Upgrades Testing
  • Emergency / Hotfixes / Regression Validations through Test Automation
  • Performance and Security Testing

Mindtree’s Package Application Testing services are enabled by a well-defined in-house Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE) which help clients adopt standardized testing methodologies, templates, test accelerators, in-built test automation frameworks and strategies, reusable test assets, consultation with SMEs and flexible delivery models.

Package Apps Testing Accelerators

This will help our customers ensure:

  • Better application performance, in line with industry benchmarks
  • Shorter testing cycle times to bring the applications to the market faster
  • Scope for agile business implementation
  • Defect-free applications delivering value in business
  • Improved business users/ stakeholders (customers) satisfaction

Some of the benefits that our clients have achieved using Mindtree’s Package Application Testing services are:

  • Approximately, 40% reduction in testing cycle time with automation and effective testing processes
  • Effective implementation of optimization techniques for faster time-to-market while test coverage is maintained
  • Testing methodology aligned with ASAP, ISO 29119 ACTIVATE, and Agile
  • Ready-to-use testing approach for ERP and CRM testing
  • Readily available test automation frameworks which help in
    • Lower script maintenance cost
    • Useful reports which can be used by both business and IT teams
    • Higher test automation productivity
  • Matured process governance through MindTestTM to achieve a higher DRE >= 95%
  • Ready to use ERP and CRM test strategy consulting kit to analyze the current state and provide the to-be state roadmap definition

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