Integrated Services

Re-imagining end-to-end IT through Mindtree’s Integrated Services!

Unifying Agile, DevOps and Automation to manage end-to-end IT services, providing IT leaders with more Time, Energy and Money to drive innovation through technology.

In today’s increasingly dynamic business environment, IT leaders are expected to drive enterprises towards digital transformation. Yet, their digital strategies alone can only take them so far if their processes and systems are not streamlined, cost-effective and primed to support grow-the-business innovations. Today ~84% of IT budgets and most of their time is dedicated to running the business rather than on technological innovations, as traditional IT is fragmented and not geared to respond quickly to changes. For enterprises to stay ahead of technology disruptions, it is imperative to optimize, transform and modernize their traditional way of managing IT, to gain cost savings and improve efficiency (time and energy) that will enable IT teams to self-fund growth initiatives and innovation.

Mindtree’s Integrated Services is a unique way to manage end-to-end IT services by seamlessly integrating the various phases of the IT lifecycle and tailoring solutions specific to clients’ needs. Our approach uses the following key solution themes:

  • Integrates the IT lifecycle phases through Mindtree’s unique Integrated Service Delivery framework
  • Adopts an enterprise-wide unified DevOps approach (Agile and DevOps across the IT lifecycle)
  • Drives Automation across and within the lifecycle phases of Build, Test, Maintain and Run
  • Enables a LEAN culture of integrated feature teams and moves towards full stack engineers
  • Provides real-time visibility of changes and runs pipeline through Mindtree’s meta-platform CAPE

Our solution facilitates Continuous Integration, Continuous Automation and Continuous Delivery, across the full IT stack including – Development, Application Management, Infrastructure, Testing and Packages, thereby creating tighter alignment to the business, enabling faster time to market, better quality releases and reduced cost of operations.

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