Bluetooth Solutions

Mesh over Bluetooth low energy

Bluetooth Mesh specification is defined by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) to enable an interoperable mesh networking solution on Bluetooth low energy wireless technology. The Bluetooth Mesh overcomes range limitation by creating a mesh network and its specification is defined to support Bluetooth low energy specification version 4.0 and beyond. Mindtree’s Smart Mesh IP Suite offers the Mesh Profile and Application Level Encryption.

Consistent with Mindtree’s Bluetooth IP portfolio, Mesh over Bluetooth low energy is built grounds up to meet the needs of embedded systems. It is optimized for Memory and MIPS. The IP suite is implemented in ANSI C to enable portability across processor platforms.

Our Mesh Profile is in line with Bluetooth SIG’s draft Bluetooth Mesh Profile specification. Mindtree also has committed roadmap for Bluetooth Mesh and is currently participating in the standardization process.

Product Features:

  • Low Memory Footprint - Less than 43KB Flash and very low RAM requirement
  • Operating Systems (OS) Agnostic and is designed for Easy Portability
  • No limitation on number of Mesh Node
  • Encryption and authentication based on the 128-bit AES CCM (IETF RFC 3610) and CMAC (IETF RFC 4493)
  • Proven portability across Mindtree as well as 3rd party Bluetooth low energy Stack
  • Low MIPS requirement