Bluetooth Solutions

Corporate lending is perceived to be a low volume, high value and relationship oriented business, with minimal scope of automation. Hence, banks have typically made dispersed and disparate technology investments in loan origination and monitoring areas, which are driven by the needs of each business unit.

However, evolving business dynamics, stakeholder demands and regulatory pressures require focused technological investments that need to meet the following criteria:

  • Process facilitation without eliminating relationship based decision making
  • Adaptation to evolving business needs
  • Comprehensive coverage of all activities and data from loan sourcing to booking
  • Quick roll out and fine tuning

With a decade of experience in the financial sector, Mindtree has conceptualized solutions that addresses the above requirements. Our solutions include:

Credit Processing Solution (CPS)

A Business Process Monitoring (BPM)-based solution that enables banks to orchestrate the loan origination process and its periodic optimization. It allows customers to adopt efficient processes with parallel activity for different stakeholders. This results TAT improvement and brings more transparency and predictability. The solution automates exposure checks covering customer, group, concentration limits across products and industries. It also enables better monitoring of counterparty risks against external entities, countries and currencies across the loan approval process.

Exposure Monitoring Solution (EMS)

Exposure Monitoring Solution is a data aggregation and rule-based solution, which enables banks to consolidate data from loan servicing platforms and visualize end customer exposure across product lines. It applies rules for ongoing exposure tracking, collateral valuations and covenants monitoring.