Digital Video Surveillance

Businesses of all types use video surveillance to secure their facilities and protect employees and assets from malicious activity. With the emergence of digital video, IP cameras and network video recorders, companies can deliver surveillance through the Internet to reduce costs and enable greater sophistication. But these systems produce huge amounts of data that are difficult to manage and significantly increase data center costs. To reduce total cost of ownership, simplify management and gain more effective security, companies need help from proven IT expertise in integrating unified, reliable digital security systems.

At Mindtree, our experts work with organizations around the world to deliver cost-effective, intelligent digital video surveillance solutions. We offer ready-to-brand recording and analytics solutions that are integrated, highly scalable, distributed and standards-based. OEMs, system integrators and distributors can improve existing solution portfolios and take Mindtree’s solution to market under their own brand. Our digital video surveillance offerings can be licensed independently or as a complete solution, giving you the flexibility to improve your security surveillance solution to fit your requirements.

Our Digital Video Surveillance solution enables intelligent, cost-effective protection through:

  • Gladius Video Management Software provides comprehensive, enterprise grade, open platform video management for IP surveillance installations.
  • Gladius Central offers central management, monitoring and recording (optional) for all cameras in your distributed surveillance installations.
  • Gladius Cloud provides cloud based recording and management of distributed sites without a need to change the existing cameras and DVRs.
  • Gladius Video Analytics Software includes a collection of patent pending video based analytics algorithms to help analyze security scenarios and generate alerts.

From automating the generation of tickets from traffic police video surveillance, to securing a global manufacturing facility, Mindtree has the tools and expertise to deliver advanced digital video surveillance for your organization.


Intelligent, cost-effective protection for employees and assets

  • Gladius VMS
  • Gladius Central
  • Gladius Cloud
  • Gladius Analytics
  • ONVIF Software Stack
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