Transform Field Inspections – Easy onboarding, versatile mobility, deeper analytics and better decisions

InspectMind, designed to secure, scale, and integrate your inspection needs

Solution overview

Field Inspections are the eyes and ears of business on the ground. Most industries conduct field inspections at various stages during their business lifecycle. Starting from project feasibility through project progress audits till final compliance inspections, field engineers play an important part in ensuring project’s success. Currently most field inspectors work with paper or digitally isolated survey forms. We see a need for better utilization of field force, improvement of data accuracy and ensuring value to end clients.

Mindtree’s InspectMind streamlines field inspections with intelligent forms configured by business users and distributed to field engineers. Field engineers sync the inspection data in real time with geo tagged multimedia and recommendations. Rich analytics on the inspection data makes interpretation of subject matter easy; now be it your environmental inspections, project status reports or audits, pre-underwriting or claims inspections - all the analysis is available on a click.

InspectMind eases inspections as follows

  • Adapt to changing regulations with flexible forms
  • Improve operational efficiency by collaboration on the move
  • Ensure data accuracy with validations and conditional entries on templates
  • Avoid multi-data entry with auto sync and single data store across mobile and web
  • Ease of reporting with out of the box PDF report/letters generation
  • Provide better value to end clients with instant analytics on inspection data

InspectMind is a SaaS platform, designed to meet the secure, scalable and integrated inspection needs of all kind of organizations – from regional, small & medium businesses to large global enterprises. It leverages the strengths of new age technologies like Mobility, Telematics, BPM and Cloud to elevate your inspection processes to new heights.

InspectMind is designed to meet the field inspection digitization and automation requirements of all industries and all types of inspections.

  • Digitization - InspectMind comes with flexible configurable templates/forms which can be created in run time as per needs a of specific inspection
  • Automation – InspectMind comes with a configurable workflow which can enable straight through processing of standard cases, and intelligently route the exceptions.

Through this combination of digitization and automation, InspectMind delivers business benefits beyond just process efficiency –

  • Make exception handling fool proof with alerts for relevant stakeholders
  • Make data available for real time alerts as well as historical analysis for better planning and decision making

Industries and use cases

Field inspections are integral part of business activities in many industries. However at most places they are handled as an offline activity decoupled from the core business processes. The data is collected as free text or in fixed structure forms entered in a system at back office. This leads to inefficiencies and errors, and eliminate chances of utilizing the insights from field for better decision making.

Most of the tools available in the market for automating and digitizing field inspections are either too generic or too preconfigured. In either case it is too tedious for organizations to customize and configure the solution for their specific processes and templates.

InspectMind is a cloud based SaaS platform, thereby making it suitable for both, the enterprises and the inspectors. Also, the flexible licenses model helps in adapting to the fluctuations in demand at the click of a button.

It can serve all your inspection needs in one platform. A few examples in your industry are presented here.

Industries and use cases


With automation in most processes, speed of doing business is increasingly a function of the agility of the field operations. We need to be out in the field, closer to customer and agile in taking decisions at the same time.

Emerging business scenarios & regulatory requirements need field operations person to be in sync with home office all the time.

You can avoid paperwork, lost business, unmet SLAs, revisit expenses and spur employee motivation.

Revitalize your field inspections for
  • Higher productivity – higher accuracy through validations/conditional rules
  • Superior value to your clients – data analysis with out of the box reporting and visualization
  • Enhance your knowledge economics – Formalize your industry knowledge with Auto recommendation library
  • Unbox and use it – Inspectmind is very intuitive to ease onboarding. You don’t need to spend days or weeks to train staff to use InspectMind. It is designed to be configured for any enterprise setup
  • Gain a competitive edge in your industry – management have a better view/control of actual operations with closer collaboration with field teams


Adapt it to your organization

InspectMind is made for businesses. Enterprises small and large can adopt to the platform with configurable user roles and access provisioning as per their organization structure. Workflow processes can becoming demanding over a period of time with managers wading through systems to figure out the task allocations. We have made the workflows simpler with auto assignments of tasks with load balancing.

Configurable user roles

User roles can be created and provisioned access to platform modules as per their function. User roles can also be attached to workflow steps for system to determine the load balanced user available for the task. Each user role will get their task dashboard tailored accordingly.

SLA management

SLAs can be defined in absolute and percentage terms for all inspection types and product lines. SLAs are computed ex holidays. Holiday calendars can also be configured.

Auto load balanced task assignments

The real benefit of an automated workflow is when managers just monitor the process and intervene only in exception scenarios. InspectMind handles most task assignments in the system with a view that managers just look at key task assignments recommended by system and override only if so required.

User level data authorizations

Data authorization as per user’s location list, account list, department list, product line list and territory can be mapped by your administrator. All system access is governed according to this and helps expose the platform to third party vendors, brokers and even end clients.

Batch scheduled inspections

In addition to demand based inspections InspectMind provides scheduled inspections as per review dates or as per account configuration. These inspection requests are auto-queued for manager’s action in a batch mode and a daily log is maintained.

Client account management

Account management made simpler with a simple wizard style creation. Optionally with account logos for easy identification and system use. Locations can be added from maps for ease of finding them later.

Simplified work allocation and tracking

A given form can be distributed to a field inspector or can be broken down by sections into multiple risk engineers surveying their specialty. 3rd party vendors may be provided just a limited view of the entire survey form with sections relevant for them to be filled out.

Configurable quality control checklist

An optional quality control checklist is available to score the inspection quality on various parameters which can later serve as a KPI for field inspector performance.

Configurable UI themes

Include your organization logo and color theme to give your employees/partners at home look and feel. Color themes can be customized as per your requirements.

Configurable master data

Lines of businesses, departments, survey types, account customer classes, geographic territories etc. can be configured and used to drive the user authorization in the system. These are user administrator defined and can be managed as per changing organization needs.

Power templates

Businesses are dynamic and inspection requirements are varied for each department, product line in an organization. Forms for data collection are best managed by business users who know what data to capture and analyze instead of relying on IT to get it done for them. We take user configured templates to next level with a reusable template library management entirely in hands of business users and checks and balances to keep sanity with effective version control.

Custom forms

Forms can be created by business users with definition of question response type. Response types of single select radio, multi-select checkbox, date, currency, file etc. can be chosen. These validations and restricted data entry is followed while form is used. Form can be used any number of times and version control is inbuilt.

Conditional rules and validations

Bounded response (single select, multi-select, , numeric, date) questions can be set to invoke more questions based on the defined conditions. Any number of follow up question can be asked. Multiple levels of conditionality can be defined.

Multilingual with translation

We provide a default translation of the user created template and a provision for user to perfect the translation if required. The multi-lingual forms can be distributed and used in any language context as required.

Auto recommendations

To address standardization of recommendation and preserving the hard earned field knowledge in years of service, we provide a recommendation library that can be maintained by business users. It is a rich multimedia repository enabled with search tags. These recommendations can be sewn into the templates which will pop up in live surveys based on defined conditions.

GRID/table data structures

Field data collection cannot go do without GRID or table like data structures. Any number of table structures can be defined and any number of rows can be captured in runtime. Auto calculation of sum, average of numeric columns is available.

Mobility that works for you

InspectMind’s mobile platform gives an effortless tool for field inspectors to manage their inspection job and capture all data with ease. All mobile device features are utilized to make data collected richer with geo tagging. It work seamlessly with the web portal for managers to take stock of assignment and survey data.

Mobile apps (iOS, Android and Windows)

We achieve field mobility with a secure platform which can use the configured templates as-is both on web and mobile apps. Apps for most popular platforms Android, iOS and windows are available. Alongside basic set of features like push notifications, user profile settings it gives a handy tool for field inspectors to conduct surveys and sync data with server.

Offline access with auto-sync

Field inspectors may or may not have a reliable internet connection to sync data, in which case the template data, images, videos - any survey updates will be saved in device locally and synced to server when connected. The system provides a smart locking mechanism for concurrent overwrites and prevent any data loss.

Photos, videos capture using device

The key mobility advantage is utilized to fullest with site inspections conducted with provision to capture images and videos of the site. Both mandatory data capture as well as optional unrestricted number of multimedia capture while being tagged to relevant section is provisioned.

Geo tagged images and field inspectors

All images and videos captured at the site are automatically geo tagged for visible proof of data collection and later analysis. Also the locations and field inspectors are geo tagged for finding the most optimal task allocation to minimize travel distance.

Image annotations

Sketch and annotate multiple layers on top of any image to mark your key findings. Information around any samples collected can also be captured.

Calendar integration

The field inspector’s device calendar is auto-synced with the tasks in the system and are available with key details about the task assignment.

Give wings to your data

Value of data collected is amplified with the right analysis tools and search capability to enable all stakeholders view the data in context and on demand.

Dashboards and visualizations

Manger dashboards with a single page view of the activities in their line of business or inspection department and/or client accounts. This is available along with the regular task dashboard for all users with categorization of work to be performed by them at any point in time.

Workflow data reports like capacity report, task status reports, account level reports provide key insights for KPI tracking and cost management. Survey data can be queried for any combination of form attribute values to generate reports.

Trend charts for inspection data tracking over a period of time give valuable insight on the trend of attributes for a location or subject matter.

User defined letters

Field Inspection and customer surveys is where business meets the real world. And this needs frequent communication with the end clients who may or may not be part of the platform. Letter formats can be defined by business users with data placeholders and generated in runtime with inspection request details. These can then be emailed to clients or any external party as required.

Configurable data exports

Out of box data integration definition gives ease of data extraction by annotating what fields to export and with what attribute name. Post survey completion on data export, the exported JSON/XML file will contain the attribute name and inspected value as defined. This will ease data ingestion into any host system.

Bi-directional integrations/APIs

Integration could be made to utilize inspection data for downstream business processes/ analysis. Platform also has APIs for inspection trigger, account data updates, and recommendation data read/write.

Auto final PDF generation of reports

The field engineer’s value lies in observing key values taking actions on it, making recommendations etc. Reporting data is handled by platform on behalf of the engineer/manager and auto-PDF generation in any language makes beautiful reporting available on a click.