Enhanced customer experience by creating synergy across multiple channels

Today, consumer experience includes many touch points – an average of ten for every purchase decision made. Even as online and mobile engagement grows, consumers who have the opportunity to interact over multiple channels during the research, evaluation and purchase cycle, tend to allocate a greater share of their wallet to such experiences. The proportion of consumers who we can call digital natives is on the rise.

Omni-Channel shopping influences customer behavior and buying patterns. Even as retailers need to partner with the 21st century shopper to provide any-time, any-where shopping experiences, deploying an integrated technology platform to provide a uniform and ubiquitous experience is the key to making this partnership successful.

Our Solution

Mindtree’s Omni-Channel Service Orchestration, enables retailers to provide enhanced customer experiences by creating synergy across multiple channels during the shopping process. The solution integrates gamification, mobile and in-store experience and provides retailers with the platform to leverage ongoing innovations in mobile payments, shipping methods and online inventory catalogues.

Omni Channel Service Orchestration

Omni-Channel Service Orchestration solution delivers single view, core capabilities through Omni-Catalog, Omni-Inventory, Omni-Orders, Omni-Insights and Omni-Customer modules. Our solution enables retail enterprises to add several channels or change processes, without worrying about underlying IT infrastructure / investment constraints. It orchestrates the requests between the channels and the technology layer to deliver the single view.

Deploying an integrated technology platform gives retailers several advantages.

  • Single view of product information, inventory and customer orders
  • Analytics and insights about shopping behavior.
  • Accurate real-time information across all available channels.

This will enable retailers to provide consumers a more unified and fluid retail experience, across digital and physical channels.

See also our solution on Integrated Customer Insights that leverages the power of big data analytics and integrates social, behavioral, demographic and transactional data received from multiple structured and unstructured data sources.