Social Media Intelligence for Travel (PaxPulse)

Accelerate your social engagement with actionable insights

In this digital age, it is very common for a passenger to post about a bad (and occasionally good) experience on social media. Over the years, social media has acquired a tremendous following and is inherently open to all which can easily lead to a widespread dissonance. Nearly, 60% of international passengers use social media as they travel, according to the Passenger IT trends survey1.

The key to manage the negative sentiment and prevent its spread is to quickly sense and respond to customer concerns/complaints on social media.

Currently, this is being done manually by command centers. Due to the extensive number of social posts, this quickly turns into a problem of scale and tends to overwhelm the travel organizations like Airlines, Car Rentals, Travel Management Companies, Online Travel Companies (OTC). Still, absence of a timely response leads to disappointed customers and loss of brand value.

Mindtree PaxPulse:

There is a need for an intelligent product that can classify data into business facets according to the travel industry, analyze & interpret the data and generate customized recommendations of action items that can be fed into any existing CRM. These recommendations can then enable crafting of a suitable response for the customer concern. Most of such CRM responses, requiring standard replies, can be automated. This can significantly increase the efficiency of command centers by enhancing the response time and, more importantly, lead to higher customer satisfaction and positive impressions of their brand.

Mindtree’s PaxPulse is a cloud-based ‘Social Intelligence & Recommendation Platform’ for the travel industry that recommends specific actions based on passenger behavior analysis and integrates actions and service requests into organization’s existing CRM system. It automates passenger complaint resolution by working on actionable recommendations and processing them based on pre-set business rules.


  • Single source of truth
  • Customizable data classification
  • Segregation into actionable categories
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Intelligent Recommendations/Next Best Action
  • Automatic CRM Integration


  • Automation of service request resolution- approximately 100-150 % (based on controlled trials)
  • Prioritization of concerns based on sentiment, intensity and urgency
  • Easy integration with existing CRM
  • Automatic language detection
  • Superior customer experience due to quick response time and effective concern resolution

1 SITA passenger IT trends survey, 2014